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Jewel City #29
Today, I had attended my very first toastmasters meeting which went by the name of Jewel City #29. The meeting took place in the city of Glendale, in room #204 of the American Red Cross Building located at 1501 S. Brand Blvd. When I walked into the room, I was introduced with one of the masters of the club. He informed me that there are thousands of toastmasters clubs throughout the world, and Jewel City #29, is considered to be one of the oldest ones around. The speaker announced that for the first hour, we were going to talk about psychic phenomenon and will be introduced with the word “impalpable”. And during the second hour, the speech contests were going to take place. One of the speech contests was the comedy speech contest in which they were going to vote for a winner that will represent Jewel City in the tournament amongst the other clubs. We first started off with the pledge of allegiance and made our way to the topic theme of psychic phenomenon. Three club members stood up and brought up an actual life experiences tied to psychic phenomenon. And when we finished that, we were introduced with the word “impalpable” and were told to use that word in our speeches because of it being so rich. Movsesyan 2

When the second hour came, they announced that the three contestants for the comedy speech contest were Kelly Vice (an IRS CPA agent), Leo Won (a retired attorney) and Frank Lopez. And following that, there was another speech contest for best evaluator, best speaker and best table topic speaker. When the speeches were given, and the votes were in, they announced that Frank Lopez was the winner for best comedy speech, Leon for best speaker, Kelly Vice for best evaluator and Dick Brown for best table topic speaker. And last, they went over the schedule for the upcoming meeting and we went home.
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