To Build a Fire

Topics: Yukon, Klondike Gold Rush, Thought Pages: 4 (843 words) Published: February 28, 2013
The book “To Build a Fire” by Jack London is a short story that embodies the idea of

naturalism. Naturalism utilizes the environment to show how apathetic this world can be.In the book it

reveals that if you are not careful when you are making your decisions you will die and in addition to

that London wrote it to also demonstrate on how humans can sometimes depend on nothing but

themselves to survive. This short story took place in the Arctic. In the book, the newcomer decided to

go to the Yukon Territory and in this journey he will travel through the Yukon Trail with his dog to

meet his friend. He met an old timer back in the Sulpher Creek and he shares that no one should pass

through the klondike alone when the temperature is fifty degrees below zero, but the newcomer

ignored the advice and ventured in his own. After a while he finally realizes that what the old timer

said was right and after he he did it was already too late. The author decided to let the man die because

he had the knowledge but didn’t use the instincts that he was provided with , instead he used

something that is rather useless. Sometimes it may not always be the one who thinks survive.

The mistakes that the man makes in the book always reflects to how just having one accident or

miscalculation can cost you your life.The author is trying to get the message across saying that nature

can be hard to predict and that it is unforgiving. Sometimes you might over think about what you can

do , and it may be an advantage to be the dog following his/her instincts of what you should do next.

For example in the story, the author said that “It is his own fault rather than his mistake”.(page. 85,

London)What he is trying to say is that he is thinking about what he is doing but it is in the wrong

direction.Although he is trying to see what he might be able to do to build a fire , but things doesn’t

always work out what he...
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