Titanic: informative speech

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NAME: Allison Binder




To inform my audience about the supposedly unsinkable, historic Titanic.


The Titanic is one of the most memorable disasters in history; the sinking ship even the classic #1 movie.



Marsh, E. (1997). _James Cameron's Titanic._ New York, New York: Harper Perennial.

Tibbals, G. (1997). _The Titanic: The extraordinary story of the "unsinkable" ship._ Reader's Digest.

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I. Introduction

Attention Getting Device - In 1898 a book called _The Wreck of the Titan_, written by an American writer by the name of Morgan Robertson. This book just so happened to be about an "unsinkable" ship with many rich passengers traveling to New York. This ship hit an iceberg while out on its voyage and sun, leaving many fatalities due to lack of lifeboats. This book was written 14 years before the Titanic perished.

Preview -- The Titanic is one of the most memorable disasters in history, the sinking ship even inspired the classic #1 movie.

First, I will discuss all about the titanic itself.

Second, I will talk about the ship sinking.

Third and finally, I will discuss a bit about the movie made in its honor.

II. Body

The Titanic was the largest existing ship at its time and the biggest movable object built yet.

Geoff Tibbals reported, in his 1997 book _The Titanic. The extraordinary story of the "unsinkable" ship,_ the Titanic was 882 feet long and weighed 46,000 tons.

Titanic held around 2345 passengers and 860 crew-members.

The Titanic was furnished with only the finest items to make the upper class feel as though they were in an even finer hotel than those that were on land.

The first class dining room was the largest on any ship and could seat up to 500 passengers.

Titanic was believed to be the safest ship at sea.

The bottom was...
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