Topics: RMS Titanic, White Star Line, RMS Olympic Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Project Paper

This year I did my project on the titanic, the lost ship wreck at sea. I chose my project because the titanic is very interesting to me, a ship that was supposed to be unsinkable actually sunk. When people thought the titanic was unsinkable the only reason they thought that was because of what the person in charge of the whole project said it was. But the white star line never actually claimed that the titanic was unsinkable. People still believed that she was unsinkable but when the accident happened they started to doubt that she really was unsinkable. But after the people saw what happened to the titanic they started to not believe what they were being told. The white star said it was practically unsinkable, not totally unsinkable.

What happened that day was very tragic, many people lost their lives due to miscalculation’s of the crew. It’s sad how many people died on that ship. That why they don’t want to retrieve the parts of the ship wreck because it’s like a grave yard of souls. Some cool facts about the titanic are that the titanic was heading to new york as there final destination. 14 years prior to the titanic ship wreck the name of the boat in the book “Titan” was almost the same design of the titanic and was labled unsinkable. But the only thing that has the titanic labled unsinkable was that the people who made the titanic said it was realitivley unsinkable.

Throught out Titanic’s making there were a few mistakes, they didn’t put enough life boats on borad to hold all the passengers. Instead they went the easy way out. If I was on the titanic that day I really don’t know what I would have done. If I was one of those people who died on the titanic then I would have been very upset to know that there weren’t enough life boats for everyone, and that we would have had to use them. The titanic had 2223 passengers and 1570 of those people died. Meaning 653 people lived through the titanic. If you think about it its more...
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