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Topics: Pollution, Noise pollution, Habitat destruction Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Hongmin Du
Mrs. Duckert
English II PAP
29 Februarty 2012
Save The Whale: Campaign Speech Hello fellow people, I am here today to state the objective, which I am running for, and my reasons. Many of you for sure are familiar with one of the biggest sea creatures on the planet, the whale. I would like to run for the president of the save the whales industry, because I have the utmost intelligence over whales and Ill make sure that not a single whale will become extinct ever again in history. I want to run for this office because, I care for whales a lot and I just believe that we humans should treat them more kindly. While we can bring hope for the whales, we can also bring despair. More attention should be directed towards the saving of whales, because they are about to become extinct caused by pollution, environmental contamination, and habitat degradation as well as human hunting, which can be stopped, therefore I’d like to help these marveling creatures out.

So first of all, I am the head of several other wildlife conservatories and fundraiser clubs devoted to saving endangered wildlife animals, therefore I believe that I am a well trust worthy candidate for the president of the save the whale industry. For the first major issue that I would like to discuss, is that whales worldwide are endangered to becoming extinct because of us humans in need of the good sources that whales bring us. Whales have been prized by humans for their good source of food, oil and a whole host of other products. I would like to set up a proposal to the government to convince them to ban the hunting of whales. Most areas have already banned the hunting of whales, but it still is a major issue today in other parts. Alongside that I would also like to set up posters and signs devoted to saving whales. Other than the issue of human hunting, Pollution and contamination have also been a major issue. The pollution and contamination of...
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