time riders essay

Topics: Time, Science fiction, Future Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Literary Analysis
Tamper with time and the world you know can become a world you do not want to live in. The novel Time Riders the Doomsday Code by Alex Scarrow is a book about three characters who time travel to the future and the past by using this relic to save the future and prevent time travel to destroy history. The plot of the novel Time Riders is filled with mystery, confusion, and chaos. First off, this novel is full of mystery because there’s a manuscript called the Voynich Manuscript which was made in the 1100’s and it has a computer hacker named Adam's name in it for example, this is the quote from pg 47 'You must make public of the last part of this message, Adam Lewis and i promise you that someone will come and explain everything. When she comes it is imprtant you tell her this:"Seek Cabot at Kirkless in 1194" Do not reveal any more of this message to anyone else. the last part now follows. Pandora is the word. The word leads to truth. Fellow traveller time to come and find it.' This is the part that Adam had cracked and the person he seeks is Maddy because she is the only one who knows about pandora. The Voynich Manuscipt has never been cracked because the passwords are filled with hieroglyphs which people do not understand except Adam. Now Liam is time travelling to the future to find Cabot along with the time riders support units Bob and Becks. Secondly, this book is very confusing because When Liam had reached kirkless in 1194 he had went to the town where Cabot had lived and one they had interrogated him he did not know anything about the Voynich Manuscript now the two are working toghether to found out who put there names in it. Another example why this book is confusing is because Liam should have died at sea in 1912, Maddy should have died on a plane in 2010, and lastly Sal should have died in a fire in 2026, but all of these time riders have been given a second chance to prevent the destruction of the world which leads me to my...
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