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Time Poverty

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Introduction …………………………………………1

Define the overall concept of poverty…..2
Robert Chamber’s deprivation………….. 3

Three factor’s cause poverty……………. 4
Many developing countries have been robbed by Poverty. It has robed their wishes and dreams. Poverty had stolen human minds as it is almost everywhere but mostly in the Rural areas and informal settlements it has took Control of many lives. As The Reader In this assignments I am going to be writing about the Concept of poverty with relevant examples’ will define poverty and compare the concept of Absolute and relative poverty and using relevant examples, The Robert Chambers deprivation trap is to Be explain how poverty is a multi faceted and how it has many causes and affects. I will also indicate and discuss three factors that may couse poverty in the Third world...”Poverty is like heat ;you can not see it; you can only feel it; so to know poverty you have to go through it”(words from a man from Ghana the writer say is quoted in Narayan et al 200:xvii).Poverty is privation due to lack of resource e.g. income, housing health lack of education, knowledge and culture. Poverty affects all groups and has gone very high in the third world. Kids Go to school without any food still have no hope that when they came back there is going to be food even water for them to drink. The effect of poverty it remains constant hunger and homelessness.
The World Bank organization describe poverty in this way.
“Poverty Is hunger, poverty is lack of shelter, poverty is being sick and not being able to see the doctor, poverty is not having access to go to school and not knowing how to read , poverty is not having a Job is fear for the future; living one day at time”
“poverty is powerlessness, it is about people being unable to meet their human basic needs, As most often in a Society marked by oppression and injustice which has led to disempowerment” say rene Padilla for example lack of employment these no food at home for children these no Job to bring income at home.
Poverty is defined as the state of not having enough income to take care of the basic need in the family or inside the community such as food, clothing and shelters. Poverty is measure in terms of the material good. People lack the most important need like nutrition’s health facilities and lack of sanitation. It is a challenge the developing countries when people do not have money to buy food. And children cant even go to school because these no money to pay fees.
People who are living In poverty can be divided in two groups. According to whether they can meet their basic for food, shelter and the clothing. People who are poor cannot meet their need this means they absolute in poverty,. Absolute poverty means people cannot meet their need. According to the World Bank (1975:19) it describe absolute poverty as a circumstance where the is a very low income even a minimum standards of nutrition, shelter for people to stay.” this is actually telling that most people live in the rural areas they live in absolute poverty of their lives Having any food to eat and being absolute unable to meet physical need. This really makes the third world lives very hard for them to survive. People suffere here in many ways. People do get sick and they know already that they cannot go to the doctor.80:20 an equal world and Action for better world state that absolute poverty is define by the world bank as having income or access to resources of less that US$ 1 per day. Absolute poverty it actually define that the situation here it gets very bad to the point where people don’t even know if they are going to eat on the next day or not. Places like India, Zimbabwe and Zambia people here mostly live in absolute poverty people in the third world life is really hard. One person will say I live with 7 people in the one house that has only two small room and my next door lives in about 4 rooms with only 3members in the house, the one with 7 members feels absolute in poverty that.
Relative Poverty is when people are poor, you compare around the other countries but still they have enough money to survive. It shows the level of poverty in a particular country. it is calculated on the basic income. Relative poverty the community here can meet the basic needs but can not afford much more. it could mean not being able to pay bills or pay school feels for four children. Here there is better housing and better education. Relative poverty is basically mean, you have food to eat and you have clean water to drink you are able to receive basic health care
Robert Chamber’s deprivation
Physical weakness: adult are unable to work due to illness or disability or migration of active adults, this contribute in many ways to poverty. They always don’t have much time or energy to attend meeting. They are not always active.
Isolation reinforces poverty, since the service does not reach to households in remote areas, community members who are illiterates cannot acquire information of economic values. People may lack access to makes. households is isolated from the outside world. It leaves very far from the nearest town. Many people are not informed about any event as they cant even listen radio. Sometimes children also don’ not go to school.
Vulnerability: households became poor through having to deal with accidents , sickness, funerals and in the weddings.
Powerless: it contributes to poverty. Ignorant of the law, which the is no advice and completing for labor
Lack of Education:
Illiteracy and lack of communication are very common in poor countries where governments does not give good public school a good service, more especially in the rural areas. I know it from the eastern come where learners do no have even classrooms to use. They Have to east under the tress raining or not. Lack of education has affected the older generation, where’s other countries have enough recourses. That is why there is less Jobs many people unskilled. India is one of the countries that education is very poor, children don know the important of going to school. Lack of education has lead to low income
Social is over population.
This is referred having a very large family or numbers of people but have very less and limited recourse and very small space for living. This has led to poverty, the more population increase these more poverty. High birth in the rural areas it has contributed so much to over population in many developing countries. Social over population it has been a challenge. Unplanned pregnancies. Lack of family planning
Distribution of resources
In the third world these lack of skills, material and lack of knowledge that can be gained from the formal education. The unequal distribution also plays a big role in causing poverty. According to the reporter people’s income are not enough to cover the cost of their basic need.
Poverty is a biggest challenge in the developing countries. Many people’s need is not meet. The World Bank again describes poverty as living without fundamental freedom of action or choices. Poverty depend on where are you and who you are. Person is poor if they do not have food to eat, they do not have a place to stay. They do not have education. poverty I think its all in the minds sometimes. They are always ways to prove the progress. people are living in poverty they need to be motivated and be encouraged. And be given skills.
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