'Till Death Do Us Apart

Topics: Family, Ganges, Grandparent Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: October 13, 2013
By Kavya Maddula
Period 1
The beautifully planted flower shattered onto the ground, soil crawling out of the broken pot. My heart dropped as it shattered onto the ground. She lied and lied again to me. She told me she would be with me forever. It was nothing more than an empty promise filled with false hope.

A purple dress peeks through the overstuffed suitcase. It was packed with everlasting memories of me and her. I tugged on my pink, plastic covered suitcase and lugged it down the seemingly endless stairs. I hand it to my dad, whose unshaven, rough face seemed tired and almost lifeless. He put mine and my mother's luggage into the car’s trunk. Today was a special day, nothing in the manner of a birthday or a party, it wasn’t happy or festive, but today was a special day. I got in the car which was filled with glumness that hung in the air like an unpleasant air freshener. Everyone felt devastated and talking suddenly became more painful each time we tried. After my dad got the call about her death, no one in my family functioned normally, except for my sister of course, who never had the chance to meet the woman, for we left India before my sister was born.

Once my dad dropped us of at the international airport, my mom and I gathered our things quickly and scurried into the airport. It was as if the sky could peer into my wretched soul, the dark, dreary, rain-soaked skies covered me like a suffocating blanket. Once again, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander into the past.

I remember the way her gentle smile carved her cheekbones and the way her chocolate brown eyes crinkle when she smiled at my corny jokes I used to make. As if the announcement was made to snap me out of my lull trance, it announced mine and my mom’s flight number. We trudged heavily into the flight. I could tell my mom was worried about me; she kept shooting me meaningful stares as if she were trying to look into my soul and offer me comfort. As...
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