Three Mile Island Disaster

Topics: 20th-century explosions, Industrial accidents and incidents, Halifax Explosion Pages: 2 (281 words) Published: May 20, 2014
Chemical Disasters Project

Due Date: May 14th or May 15th
The Project: Pick and research a chemical disaster/accident. Write a 2 page paper – 12 point font, double-spaced. Your paper should also include at least five sources in APA format. Your paper should include background, cause, chemistry, and aftermath of the event. You will need to pick one of the following disasters from the list below. The topics are first come first served.

Style: (25 points)
The paper is at least two pages (5 points)
The paper is double spaced (5 points)
The paper includes at least five sources in MLA format (15 points) Grammar and Spelling: (25 points)
Paper uses correct spelling and grammar
Easy to read/follow
Content: (50 points)
The paper gives the required information
The paper accurately describes the event
Evidence of research/effort.
Works Cited Page is included—Cite sources in MLA format

1. Love Canal
2. Three Mile Island
3. Bhopal India
4. Chernobyl
5. The Imperial Sugar Plant explosion
6. The Oppau Explosion
7. The Halifax explosion
8. The Texas City Disaster
9. June 3, 1989, natural gas explosion in the Ural Mountains 10. August 10, 2008, Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases explosion 11. The Piper Alpha explosion
12. 1924 Nixon Nitration Works explosion
13. Boston Molasses Disaster
14. the Donora Smog of 1948
15. The Phillips Disaster
16. The Bombay explosion
17. Cleveland East Ohio Gas Explosion
18. Enschede fireworks disaster
19. Flixborough disaster
20. Louisville sewer explosions
21. Lake Monoun disaster
22. Lake Nyos disaster
23. Jilin City China
24. Toulouse France
25. Schweizerhalle Switzerland
26. Chalk River Ontario
27. Orleans France
28. Buenes Aires
29. Tonsle Russia
30. Bikini Atoll
31. Tybee Bomb
32. Soviet Submarine k-19
33. Hanford Washington
34. Kyshtym 1957
35. Windscale fire UK
36. Tokaimura Japan 1999
37. Socatri 2008
38. Soreq Israel 1990
39. The radioactive boy scout

Cited: 9. June 3, 1989, natural gas explosion in the Ural Mountains
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