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Thought Paper # 1

These are the styles of parenting that Diana Baumrind described in her article. I will compare and contrast the each of them in this paper. Give you examples for each and the possible effects they may have on the psychosocial development of a child. The factors that contribute to the parents’ choice of style, and what may be the most effective. Also I will leave you with a personal example on which style I was raised by and the style that I choose for my own children. The different styles of Parenting:

Indulgent parents are more laid back and responsive. They tend to be more supportive to self-regulation and they avoid of conflicts between them and the child. These parents wish to support their children independent thoughts and values children opinion in regards to its own. While they might not see themselves and their children as equal, they do see children as little people who have a right to believe in their own thoughts and expression of feelings. The effect that this style could have on a child is the child might not be as attentive to rules, in a sense that they may feel that the rules are for everyone except themselves. They are less likely to excel in academics but will have a good social presence among their peers and others. Also, they are not likely to become depressed. Authoritarian parents tend to be very strict and structure in regards to their children lives. They act more as a Dictator who hands out demands and expectations without feedback. There are two types of these parents, one being Non-authoritarian directive, who are demanding, but not intrusive. For example they will respect their child privacy as in not checking their computer history, but will not compromise their expectation of the directive that was handed out to the child such as not to go to certain websites. Now, If they were to leave the site up on the screen as the parent entered the room, then they would be a problem. An...

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Katt Williams stand up, “The Pimp Chronicles part 1”
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