Thomas Paine Crisis No. 1

Topics: Rhetorical techniques, Rhetoric, Loaded question Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Title: The Crisis No.1
Author: Thomas Paine
Purpose: To recruit troops
Rhetorical Devices Present
CitationMeaningType of deviceE,L or PFallacy?
“These are the times that try men’s souls”| This is where the true test is.| Loaded word| P| No| “The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot”| Fair-weather friend | Metaphor| P| No| “Tyranny like hell”| Showing the evil of the situation| Loaded word| P| No| “Heaven… freedom should not be highly rated”| People are Godless| Moral Superiority| P| No| “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem lightly”| We don’t appreciate it| Logic| L| No| The Tavern in Amboy story| Fight for the future generations| Anecdote| P| No| “Liberty…flame”| We will always desire to fight for liberty| Metaphor| P| No| “Nothing can reach the heart…prejudice”| No way to reach the Tories| Analogy| P| No| “Wisdom is not the purchase of the day, and it is no wonder that we should err at the first setting off”| Wisdom needs to be worked for| Logic| P| No| If someone breaks into your house you are not just going to sit there and watch.| People of America need to defend their home.| Anecdote| P| No| “the cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf”| Howe is not going to show mercy even to the loyalist| Metaphor| P| No| “It matters not where you live, or what rank of life you hold, the evil or the blessing will reach you all.”| Everyone is going to be effected by the outcome of this war.| Plain Folk Appeal| P| No|
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