Thomas Jefferson's Influence on America

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Thomas Jefferson
Unit 2 Essay Portion

Thomas Jefferson has been viewed to be a positive influence on old Jeffersonian America, as well as a negative one as he expanded and reshaped the country with instances like the Louisiana purchase. His efforts are viewed negatively by some, and very admirably by others but personally, I find that his attempts and reasons for things were hypocritical. He did things contradictory to what he said he wanted for the country. His presidency was successful but Thomas Jefferson was a hypocrite.

When Jefferson came into presidency, his ideals were to expand upon the idea of an agrarian nation, since agriculture and slavery were the leading factors for our country's economical strength at the time. The Lousiana territory held onto by the French was eyed by the Americans as it had many appealing factors to it. It included the Mississippi river which was a great means of navigation for the Americans. Open and free access to the river would have been the ideal thing to have at the time. The Louisiana territory was thick with growth in sugar and flour because of the temperatures and climate of the area. It was only natural for Jefferson to see this area as something that needed to be implemented into the United States. After just cutting the national debt down by nearly half, Jefferson made the move to spend fifteen million dollars to buy the Louisiana territory. Was this purchase the wisest? Was it going against his original ideas? Yes. This purchase greatly helped in America's expansion but totally went against his plan to keep a strong America. Fifteen million dollars, which is a huge chunk of change then, even now, was put towards this new land. If Jefferson wanted a strong nation why didn't he just keep the money and expand on our new found nation and strengthen it for what it was already? Overall, the Louisiana purchase was an accomplishment for Jefferson as we came to have land that made our nation even...
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