This Way to the Gas

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The holocaust, some know it to have been one if the most horrifying and bureaucratic events to be caused by man or a man in history. The man responsible for this event was the great tyrant Adolf Hitler who was responsible for the death of six million Jews, gypsies, poles, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. A polish writer and Auschwitz survivor Tadeusz Borowski buts in great detail how these people were treated in his then and now famous book this way for the gas ladies and gentlemen. Tadek a character in the story shows conflicting attitudes with other in the camp with sympathy, anger, and moral outrage. Borowski’s short stories show mans inhumanity towards man. There are events from the shorty stories that make his descriptions of the horrors of Auschwitz so shocking and memorable. Memories are short stories like the beginning of This Way for The Gas, A Day at Harmenz, The People Who Walked On, and Silence.

In the beginning of the first story This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen Borowski starts off with supersizing details “all of us walk around naked”(29). This is all the Jews and other travelers are ticked on the train being promised to a safe place. Then stripped away of their luggage at Canada, “take your luggage with you…pile your stuff near the exits”(37). Then everyone is stripped of his or her clothing “thousand of naked men shuffle up and down the road”(29). Women would have their hair shaved off, and everyone is given stripped suits. “Their nude, withered bodies stink of sweat and excrement; their cheeks are hollow”(31). Again very descriptive about how the malnourished and over worked people looked. These people were as close to skeletons as you could get. On page43 a women denies her on child after she cries out “Mama! Mama!” just so she won’t have to go to the gas champers.

Also in this short story Tadek experiences some things that any man or women wouldn’t dream of doing. “I seize a corpse by the hand; the fingers close tightly around mine. I...
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