Thinking as a hobby

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„Thinking as a Hobby” by William Golding is a narrative essay. As we take a genre of the text we can assume that the author is the main character in this story and he established his own point of view.

Golding in his essay divides people into three groups: grade-three thinkers, grade-two thinkers, and grade-one thinkers. He also claims that more than ninety percent of humans are representatives of first kind thinkers. The story begins when author was a young boy and he attended to grammar school. His headmaster called for him and met at his cabin. In the office he has three statues, which at that point hadn’t any significant meaning. Boy did not even know what they were. Later on Golding got the knowledge that this statues were Venus of Milo, Leopard and The Thinker. The headmaster wanted to make the boy think but he somehow failed. Boy didn’t focus on what a adult said to him, but he focused on the statues. This is how a journey connected with thinking begins for Golding.

In the essay author gives examples of representatives of each grade-thinkers. A character who belongs to the three grade-thinkers is Mr. Houghton. This teacher was full of paradoxes. Golding recalled him as an alcoholic who always gave inspirational speeches about healthy, non-sex life, but when a young girl was passing by his class, he stopped talking and observed her very carefully. So main character claim that that man was thinking with his neck. Also Golding describes these group of people as the one who more feel than think.

Next group which is presented are grade-two thinkers. A representative of them is Ruth. She was pretty girl on whom Golding had a crush. Her parents were a Methodists, so she was some kind forced to think as they were doing it. Golding describes grade-two thinkers as people who detect contradictions, but they have no power to create anything new. Furthermore he considers their lives full of joy and excitement.

Golding was very determined to find a...
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