Topics: Institution, Awareness, Deforestation Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Title of the Study : Addressing the Impact of Overpopulation in Pearl of the Orient Sea.
Purpose of the Study:
To provide an information what will be the impact of overpopulation that our nation might face.
This research intend to be an eye opener to our beloved citizen to raise awareness regarding to overpopulation.
This material thing hopes to find its place among the research publications of the university which may be use by the students to their studies.
Specifically, it will answer the following purposes: 1. Identify the common problem/impact related to overpopulation. 2. Interview the plebeian people in how they address the common predicament of the society. 3. Gathering the findings/data base on the conversation. 4. Propose the measures on how to manage the problems of overpopulation base on the findings.

Significance of the Study:
This study is design to figure out the problems/impact of over-population in Pearl of the Orient Sea also known as Philippines. It is very significant to gather some data/information based on the findings, it can be use to propose measures and it can be use as a tool to address the dilemma.

The result of the findings in this apprenticeship are beneficial to the following:
To the Government of the Philippines, this study will be able to help the institution to find ways on how to solve the problem without engaging the people in danger. The proper program like “family planning” and “control growth” are one of the best way to decrease the total number of people living in the world or here in the Philippines.

To other Social Institutions, this study will provide additional insights, idea and background information according to the said problem....
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