Theories of Political Behavior and Tight Job Market

Topics: Theories of political behavior, Psychology, Behavior Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Case incident -2
Question and Answer
Q1. What factors in addition to those cited, do you believe lead to illegitimate political behavior such as backstabbing? Answer:- The factors that will lead to illegitimate political behavior such as backstabbing are:- * competition

* A tight job market is often a contributing factor.
* Blind ambition.
* Interpersonal relationship
* Promotion opportunities.
* Expectation of success.
Q2. Imagine that a colleague is engaging in illegitimate political behavior toward you. What step might you take to reduce or eliminate this behavior? Answer:-The steps I will take to reduce or eliminate illegitimate political behavior of a colleague ate:- * Keep watching or know the thing happening in the surrounding environment. * If I observe that illegitimate political behaviour of a colleague may harm to me. I will make it clear to superior or pear in order to prevent future misunderstanding is not good to you as well as the organisation. * Ask to the colleague is the any conflict of odd among us what is the reason behind this kind of behaviour in order to minimise the gap. * Make the environment fruitful to all colleagues and superior, subordinate and also that of the organisation. * Employees in the organisation need to be aware of illegitimate political behaviour. * Companies may need to adopt formal policies to safe guard the employees against such behaviour. Q3. Do you believe that it is ever justifiable to engage in illegitimate political behaviors such as backstabbing? If so, what are some conditions that might justify such behavior? Answer;- No, it is not ever justifiable to engage illegitimate political behavior such as backstabbing, some conditions that might justify such behavior are:- * To sage guard against backstabbing, a management consultant recommends telling supervisor and other key Personnel that the backstabber is not friend * It is cleat that employees in organisation need...
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