Theories About Interpersonal Dynamics

Topics: Dialectic, Interpersonal relationship, Theory Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Theories about Interpersonal Dynamics
A good theory is simple and testable, and it is not isolated from our daily life. Based on the theories I have learned from the previous weeks, I found out that theories are applying in our daily life and related to the relationship with people, I would like to discuss the theories about interpersonal dynamics which is consisted of two theories: interactional theory and dialectical theory.

Interactional theory is defined as a communication system in which a group of interrelated and interacting parts that function as a whole. The system view of communication rests on four propositions: All parts are interrelated; stems are organized wholes; the whole is more than the sum of its parts and systems strive for, but never achieve equilibrium.

I would like to elaborate how this interacrional theory is applying in my family. There are only three members in my family, my father, my mother and me. It was in the final semester of my middle school year, in order to get further and better education, I wanted to finish my high school in our capital city of Sichuan Province rather than stay in our small town. Fortunately, at that time my father’s term of office ended, and in addition of the long distance, my parents decided to move to the city with me to start a new life there. My father told me that we are family as a group and my decision would affect theirs. Then we whole family moved to the city, my mother quit her previous job and we started our new life. We three as a whole are more than a family but a system, and generate new parts and ways of interacting. As time goes by, in the new environment, three of us touch with different people and get to know new communities, the more open we contact with others, the more smoothly we are accepted in our new environment. My mother used to be a working woman, since she stopped working; she changed her role into taking most responsibility to look after my father and me to balance the...
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