Themes of F663 Part B Ocr English

Topics: Emotion, Power, Love Pages: 3 (272 words) Published: April 24, 2011
‘Of all the emotions that drive us, fear is the strongest.’

‘Vanity drives us, and can all too easily destroy us.’


mockery and humour

risk and chance

the search for happiness

‘Irony exposes the gap between the way things appear and the way they are.’

‘The pleasures of pursuit are greater than the thrill of conquest.’

‘It is the processes of argument and persuasion which most strongly engage us.’

the power and effects of love

the power of vanity

‘It is their weaknesses which make heroic characters interesting.’

the nature of pride

‘Temptation arises from a willingness to be tempted.’

‘The more intense the passion, the more bitter its effects.’

‘By inviting us to laugh at foolishness, writers encourage us to laugh at ourselves.’

relationships with God

‘Pride is inseparable from foolishness.’

‘Love is a restless emotion, driving growth and change.’

‘Happiness – a state to which all aspire, but which few will ever reach.’

seduction and its consequences

‘The struggle with God is absolute, all-consuming and passionate.’

temptation and its results

‘Flawed characters are always more memorable than any moral lessons that literature seeks to draw from them’

argument and persuasion

‘Appetite – whether for power, knowledge, sex or money – is a destructive force.’

‘There is a tension between the attractiveness of wrongdoing and fear of its consequences.’

the power of fear

characters’ flaws and failings

‘For women, sex is a means to an end, for men, it is an end in itself.’


intense emotion

differing attitudes to sex

heroic characters

‘Life is a game of chance in which skilful players risk everything.’

the uses writers make of irony
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