Theme of Violence in Juno and the Payco

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“Juno and the Paycock” by Sean O’Casey “I’m Not Scared by Gabriele Salvatores Comparisons and Contrasts Par. 1: Background and setting
The theme of violence and its destructive influence on societies and individuals is dramatically presented in both texts. Violence can often be linked to a society’s political or social background and both texts occur during times of unrest. JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK takes place agaI’m Not Scaredt the background of war and violence. While I’M NOT SCARED is different in that there is no ongoing war, there is a similarity in that it was a time of social unrest for Italy. Both Johnny in JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK and Pino in I’M NOT SCARED turn to violence to achieve their different goals.

JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK depicts human suffering as a result of violence. It explores the ways in which individuals and groups can use violence as a means to an end.

JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK is set agaI’m Not Scaredt a backdrop of violence and war.

Ireland was in a period of serious unrest with the War of Independence and the Civil War.
Unrest came from the fact that old comrades who were once united in fighting agaI’m Not Scaredt the British, had turned on each other and engaged in acts of treachery and violence.

Johnny Boyle is motivated by political idealism.

Johnny turns to violence in order to achieve his political ideals.

The violence in the play comes from military action and war.

This violence is a result of deprivation, a dissatisfaction with the conditions of their lives and a frustration with those running their country.
The play depicts the degeneration of a society into chaos and violence.

I’M NOT SCARED also depicts human suffering as a result of violence. I’M NOT SCARED is not set agaI’m Not Scaredt a backdrop of war but there is violence.

There was also serious internal political and social unrest in Italy in the 1970’s, similar to Ireland

Unrest came from the fact that criminals from southern Italy terrorised some of the wealthier families of the North by kidnapping adults and children and demanding huge ransoms.

Pino Amitrano is motivated by providing for his family and greed.

Pino turns to violence to achieve his financial ideals.

The violence in the film does not come from military action or war.

The appalling violence perpetrated on the innocent victims, in this case Filippo, was often as horrific as some of the atrocities of war and included maiming and murder, even of young children.

The film also depicts a society which is degenerating into chaos and violence.

Par. 2: Poverty and Violence
Poverty is a fact of life for both the Boyle family and the Amitrano’s. In JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK and I’M NOT SCARED their lack of wealth is initially evident through their homes and becomes more pronounced as both texts progress. The poverty appears to fuel the majority of violence in both of the texts. In both JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK and I’M NOT SCARED poverty makes the engagement with violence worse.

Poverty is a clear feature of life for the Boyle family.

The family live in a tiny 2 bedroom flat within a packed tenement building in Dublin.

The flat is described as shabby and the furniture is packed in to the small space.

The Boyle’s are clearly struggling for money, which Juno complaI’m Not Scared about early in the play and there is little food in the flat.

Poverty seems to fuel the engagement with violence in the play. However, violence does not relieve the poverty, it makes it worse.

Johnny sees military action as the only way to combat poverty and gain freedom.

Johnny achieves no freedom through his involvement with violence. Rather he ends up with an injured hip, missing an arm and is ultimately executed.

There is a belief that increased wealth will...
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