The O-Fold Innovation

Topics: Darden Restaurants, Restaurant, Red Lobster / Pages: 3 (582 words) / Published: Apr 14th, 2013
Denise White
Angela Hicks
Week 2
Darden Restaurants: Balancing Standardization and Differentiation 1.) How does Darden segment and target the sit-down dining market? Use the full spectrum of segmentation variables in your response.
By dividing the market into smaller sections that can be unique and specialized as the Italian family dining experience or the ranch house Longhorn steak experience or the Fresh seafood dining that is Red Lobster, all for an emotional and economical experience. Each market has been targeted and carefully improved to create an overall experience dependent on the diner’s choice of experience. Geographically, Darden is not a one shop industry each restaurant is carefully placed and then introduced to suit area needs coast to coast. Each restaurant undoubtedly, has some local influences, but maintain the strategic marketing that has made them so popular. Demographically, Darden includes everyone from families to single patrons. From corporate lunches, to baby shower parties, every one for almost every occasion can be satisfied with one of Darden’s options for dining. There is no age or gender segmentation all are incorporated into the dining experience with all three brands. Psychographic segmentation in all three brands is pretty evident. You will not leave Olive garden, Longhorn Steakhouse or Red Lobster for under $10 per person satisfied, for dinner. So there is an economical segmentation. These restaurants do not have a cheap flavor or experience. 2.) Has Darden differentiated and positioned its brands effectively? Explain. Darden has differentiated each brand and each brand offers a different dining experience. If you want to feel a sense of being with a large family, Olive garden makes you feel like family.
Want a healthy grilled option Red Lobster is a great choice and offers a variety of seafood and non seafood items too. If you want a cowboy steak and ranch house experience Longhorn Steakhouse is a great

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