The Xenophobiac in A Passage to India

Topics: E. M. Forster, A Passage to India, Racism Pages: 3 (534 words) Published: December 22, 2014
The Xenophobia in A Passage to India by E. M. Forster

Prepared by: Jafar Saidan

Submitted to: Professor Dr. Ekbal Aljabbari

In fulfillment of the requirements of the Research Methodology course

Zarqa Private University
December 2014

Edward Morgan Forster's A Passage to India (1924) embodies the concept of xenophobia as a result of the impact of colonization of India. Both Indian and British communities, carry subjective antipathy towards each other and constantly fear of being replaced from their rightful and willful position in the society, though they imposture friendly attitude to each other which is the quintessential psychological conflict of the characters. The female character Adela Quested claims xenophobia to be friendly to the Indians of Chandrapore, she in the end she did the opposite. The male protagonist represents a new generation of India, who is trying to overcome the old enmity with the British and have new friends, but he faces a trap misunderstandings, as well as insecurity and self-awareness, which refers to the orientation implicit in xenophobia in the novel. Other characters such as the school headmaster Cyril Fielding, the British magistrate Ronny Heaslop, city Collector Major MacBryde and some of the British ladies highlight the notion of xenophobia in the novel. Some of the characters show indophobic and agoraphobic features too. Dismantling all the misunderstandings, the novel ends with a mutual consideration between the British and the Indians but rooting xenophobia in their hearts forever.

Edward Morgan Forster’s A Passage to India embodies a kind of travesty of human relationship infected by xenophobia. On the ideological lenses of racism, colonialism, orientalism, and social-phobias, the megalomaniac British community of Chandrapore views the Indians as social untouchables. The lackadaisical approaches of friendship, i.e., deceitful...

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