The Wrong Arrow

Topics: Eye color Pages: 6 (2671 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Original year 11 Advanced English short story written by Aisha Akhtar - copyright users will face severe consequences The Wrong Arrow (c)
That’s weird thought cupid, ‘I’ve never hit the wrong person like that before’, he sat on a fluffy white cloud and stared down at the world. ‘How’, he thought with a bedazzled look on his face, ‘I was concentrating’. He slightly shuddered and squared his shoulders in an attempt to pull himself back together. ‘Hmm, better go talk to mom about this’, his blue eyes sparkled with confusion, a hint of worry and a little bit of hurt. Only Venus could fix this, God of beauty and Fertility, also known as Cupids mother. He was beautiful. A light yellowish halo sat on his golden brown curls that lay perfectly at shoulder length, one short curl escaping the twirled bunch and resting on his smooth pale forehead. Thick blonde eyelashes with high outlined cheekbones, a protruding jaw line and a slim mouth. Golden runes in the shapes of arrows, crossbows and hearts engraved in his toned bare chest. It was like wearing a shirt for cupid was forbidden. ‘Now I’ll never get my wings’, he said through mumbles while slowly sinking back into the cloud. Yesterday

Wholemeal bread, cheese slices, salmon pieces, lettuce and tomatoes. ‘Oh yummy’ thought Jace. ‘Tastiest sandwich ever’ he said between mouthfuls of his deliciously fresh breakfast. With a beep followed by a gangster beat, his phone rang. ‘Really? Now?’ annoyed his breakfast was interrupted he brainstormed, if It’s that important, it’ll ring again. Another mouthful. Another beep. Arggh. Straight to voice mail. ‘Jace, why are you not picking up? You’re late, I've been waiting for half an hour, and you know how much I hate waiting. Get your ass over here. NOW!! … Beep… beep.’ And with that his crazy best friend hung up. Oh shit, thought Jace, Tessie’s mad, better hurry before she bites my head off, although I am her ride. With a half-finished sandwich and an just a black singlet on, Jace, half jogging, half walking, making his way to the door, grabbing his Balmoint Jersey and car keys to his black colored and white striped porch sitting on his front lawn. Early morning speeding. A grin pulled up on his face.

She was flawless; she was gracefully tall with long waist length bouncy maroon curls shining in the Gold Coast sun. She had colored eyes, as many colors as the rainbow; light green, charcoal, a tinge of orange, yellow, black, dark blue and sapphire, gleaming in the sunny sky and wore just the thinnest coat of mascara. Her face seemingly skinny but perfect for her tanned skin tone, a superman snap back sit soundlessly on her head, leaving a thin fringe out front. Around her neck was a thin silver chain on which hung a dark red pendant the size of a baby’s fist lying soundly on top of her baggy black cut singlet which had Mickey Mouse drawn in black and white on the front wearing Dr Dre Beats and he had a mean look on his face, not your average Disney character. She wore maroon skinny jeans with one zipped pocket on each side of her calves and one on each side of her upper calves acting as normal pockets. Tessa didn’t like to wear clothes that stuck to her slim, fit body too much; she found tight clothes and make up demeaning to girls, Tessa Fray was your classic tom boy. She leaned on a flag pole, showing off the contents of King Burger, one headphone in listening to her iPhone's fresh playlist with one of her favorite DJ’s songs – DJ Project Settler, maddest DJ out. The sound of Jace’s car with the squeaky brake line snapped her out of her thoughts and brought back that angry, pissed off mood. Parking the car so that it was perfectly aligned with the parallel white lines, there was a boy who got out of the fancy car. Jace Mont, he couldn't have been much older than she was, both of them are 18, Jace few months older than Tessa and both nearing the end of year 12. He was dressed in blue and red vans shoes, black skinny jeans...
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