The Withered Arm and the Rocking Horse Winner

Topics: Mother, Boy, Imprint Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: September 24, 2008
Comparison of The Withered Arm and The Rocking Horse Winner

1.From the title ‘The Withered Arm’ a visual image is conceived of a disfigured arm in our mind The main characters presented here are Rhoda brook and the young Mrs lodge, married to the farm owner where Rhoda brook works as a milkmaid. It’s basically a conflict of beauty which roda brrok envies and persistently uses her child to almost spy on Mrs. lodge and report to her with feedback. The story is set in a rural atmosphere at a farm, the theme is governed by Mrs lodge beauty. Rohda brook is so preoccupied about Mrs lodge features, qualities and her beauty, it drives her to such an extent that, that she haves a dream, a vision in which all the oppsite attributes associated with beauty appears to her in the form of miss lodge floating on top of roda as she sleeps in her room. rohda becomes so frighten that she grasps the figure of mrs lodge and imprints a mark on the figure, and strangely the same imprint appears on Mrs. lodge in reality. The imprint on mrs lodge arm gets worse,and mrs lodge goes to drastic measures to relive her pain, she assumes her husband does not love her as much,While Rhoda is in a constant battle with her self,that she has exercised a malignant deed against mrs,lodge. The conflicts raised here are of love and jealously. However In ‘The Rocking horse Winner’ a total different perspective is presented in an almost superstitious tale, where a young boy gambles in horse race, but has an advantage of foreseeing the future of the winning horse each time he madly rocks in his rocking horse. The boy is trying to make his mother happy by winning and proving his luck. The boy mother’s who blames her husband for her unfortunate luck, both had a small income, but spent it unwisely for a social position they cannot keep support. They are both together in a constant battle to get ‘’more money’’, It came to a point where the house becomes hunted by the phrase there must be more money,...
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