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The Willie Lynch Position Paper

By kega86 Oct 13, 2014 600 Words
HUM 106
6 March 2014
Willie Lynch Letter Position Paper
William Lynch made a letter in 1712 of how to break down Negros/blacks and how to make a slave. In my opinion, despite the fact that William Lynch composed the Willie lynch Letter in 1712; us as blacks/Negros still accompany the letter without knowing. First and foremost, William said assuming that they take after those steps legitimately it would be mostly effective for 300 years. Furthermore, it said in the event that they accompany the steps we might turn on one another and soon might need to execute one another off. In conclusion, he composed how to get us in line, "hanging" or as we commonly refer to the term "lynching" was restricted and it soon came to be traded with death penalty.

To begin with, William Lynch said assuming that they accompany those steps legitimately it would take effect for 300 years. Here it is the year 2014 and the letter was made in 1712. It has been a little over 300 years, 302 to be exact, and us as blacks have denoted him correct. There are more blacks on black law violations then white on white and dark on white. The letter was made to shred us and that is the thing that it has done.

Secondly, it said in the event that they take after the steps we might turn on one another and soon might need to murder one another off. We have betrayed one another as siblings, friends, and loved ones. Willie said assuming that they accompany the steps we would be able to tell if one takes something they require (stealing) or in the event that we have arrangements to flee. To get this to happen they brought about a significant improvement than the rest which makes others envious and fierce with scorn to execute each one in turn. We soon started to turn on one another and slaughter one another off.

In conclusion, he came up with the genius plan of how to get us in line, by hanging or lynching us blacks. Which was only one of the ways and it soon came to be traded with the death penalty. States that sentence the most hoodlums to death likewise have a tendency to be the states that had the most lynching previously, another study prescribes. Analysts found that the amount of death penalties for all culprits – Black and white – was higher in states with a history of lynching; however the connection was significantly stronger when just Black Death sentences were dissected. In spite of the fact that William Lynch composed the Willie lynch Letter in 1712; us as blacks/Negros still accompany the letter without knowing. We have separated one another by emulating William Lynch and we as blacks don't have a clue. We are sending ourselves over to where we began. In such a large number of ways we can keep this and it is all in to what extent it takes us to see. “The results may be shocking to many people, but they aren't surprising to sociologists, who study the racial aspects of the death penalty”, said David Jacobs, co-author of the study and professor of sociology at Ohio State University.

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