The Wildfires In Australia

Topics: Earth, United States, Global warming, Dust Bowl, Great Depression, Climate change / Pages: 1 (195 words) / Published: Feb 6th, 2016
In Australia, wildfires are extremely common. This region is experiencing a high drought. When the air is warm and the land is dry, these wildfires start and does not stop for minutes and hours. It destroys everything in its path including the trees that have adapted overtime to weather. Hundred of trees burn down leaving nothing but ashes. Khan stated, “ Trees like the King Billy Pine and fagus — a beech tree and the only winter-deciduous tree in Australia — could be burned out of their range on Tasmania.These trees have spent millions of years adapting to slow climate changes. But the current rate of change is unlikely anything the world has seen in millions of years.” A person reading this article might not find this serious, but global

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