The Washing Machine

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Washing Machine- The Helping Hands
Laundering clothes manually involves the process of scrubbing and rinsing dry dirty clothes and other textiles. The entire process can be extremely tiring and time consuming. It can also lead to severe backaches for the washers. The electric washing machine has been a boon for housewives and house keepers as they have saved them not only a lot of time and effort from these this cumbersome chore but also contributed to their better health.

The main parts of the washing machine are the agitator, inner and outer wash tub, electric motor and drain tube. It also has valves and switches. The function of the valves is to allow the hot and cold water in and out of the machine. First, the washing takes place in the inner tub. Here the water and detergent are mixed up with the clothes. The agitator then tumbles the

clothes by moving them to all the sides. The agitator is a plastic cylinder at the center of the inner tub. It’s function is to mix the clothing with the detergent. The inner tub moves along with the agitator. The inner tub has many holes and the centrifugal force drains out the water from the clothes and moves them into the outer tub through these holes. The water is then drained out through the tube. (Buzzle, 2009)
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(How Stuff Works, 2011)

In the wash cycle, the agitator and inner tub are moved by a strong motor. After the water is drained out, the agitator works again to tumble the clothing. This is the second cycle called the rinse cycle. The aim of this cycle is to ensure that the detergent particles trapped in the washed fabric are removed. Once this is done, the machine again drains out water. The third cycle is the spin cycle. In this cycle as much water as possible is drained out of the wet clothes. This is done by the drain tubes. After the water is drained, another motor moves the inner tub at very high speed. This force drains...

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