The Wanted Life

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned, The Great Gatsby Pages: 7 (2327 words) Published: May 21, 2013
“The Wanted Life”

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Mrs. Berndt
16 May 2013

The Wanted Life
Thesis: In the roaring twenties, or better known as the Jazz age, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald lived in a fast pace environment which was one of the many things that influenced him and had a great effect on his writing. I. As a child F. Scott Fitzgerald always showed interest in writing and always seemed to be good at it. A. Born

1. September 24 1896 in St. Paul Minnesota
2. Full name
3. Parents, Mary Mcquillan and Edward Fitzgerald
B. How his parents influenced him
1. Parents jobs
2. Fathers job when he was 12

II. Beginning early in his life, F. Scott Fitzgerald strove to become a great writer. A. St. Paul Academy
1. He was 13 when he attended
2. Saw his first piece of writing appear in a print
B. Parents sent him to school
1. It was 1911
2. He was only 15 at the time
3. Newman school , a prestigious catholic prepatory school in New jersey 4. At the school he met father Sigourney Fay who noticed his writing 5. Graduated in 1913
C. Princeton College
1. Dedicated himself honing his crafts as a writer
2. Wrote scripts and articles for the school magazines
3. Dropped out in 1915 to accept in army commissions
4. 1918 was stationed in Alabama
5. Discharged in 1919(afraid he might die)

III. Even though Fitzgerald was not yet a wealthy man he wanted and needed to be for Zelda he met the rich, spoiled, love of his life. A. Daughter of a supreme court judge
B. This Side of Paradise
1. An overnight success published on 1920
2. Scott and Zelda where married one month after
3. Soon after they were married he later descended into drinking and his wife had a mental break down C. They lived in St. Paul until 1922 so he could write
1. Daughter in 1921
2. Frances Scott (Scottie)
3. Tells his daughter why he married his mother
D. The couple became the model for flapper era
1. King and queen of the jazz age
2. Great Gatsby/ The Beautiful Damned
E. After 1922 the Fitzgerald’s divided their time between Europe and America 1. Traveled the next 5 years
2. Zelda becomes sick in the 1930’s(schizophrenia)
3. Scott becomes more of an alcoholic

IV. To support Zelda Scott would take time away from his writing and work in Hollywood as a screenwriter A. Zelda enters Swiss sanitarium for her illness(1930)
1. She spends her time doing art in the hospital
2. Permanently hospitalized
3. His relationship with Zelda is portrayed in his book The Crack Up(1945) 4. Dies in the mental hospital from a fire in 1947
B. Fitzgerald’s book tender is the night (1934)
1. Story of a psychiatrist who falls in love with a wealthy but beautiful patient 2. The public didn’t like the depression in the book
3. No longer fascinated with the life of the “rich and beautiful C. Scott becomes frustrated with his writing and goes back to Hollywood(1937) 1. Becomes even worse with alcoholism
2. Falls in love with Shelia Graham

V. After Scott had started another book, The Last Tycoon he soon later died of a heart attack in 1940 A. His contributions
1. Social historian who reflected his times and how life was wanted to be lived 2. Trapped by phony values of the lost generation he characterized 3. Sees both romance and hollowness of “getting rich” B. Francis Scott key Fitzgerald’s life styles influenced they way he wrote majorly 1. Life of the rich and beautiful

2. Wanting to be known for something good
Conclusion: The life of the” rich and beautiful” was all anybody ever wanted in the early 90’s and Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was able to portray these feelings in his books. Not only did the time period he lived in have an effect on his writing but so did his family life and wanting to be.

The Wanted Life
In the roaring...
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