The Walking Dead Analysis

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Love encompasses all.

“Sometimes I wonder if you even care about us at all.” As Rick explains to Shane the situation in which Lori, his wife, made this comment to him in front of their son, Carl, in season one of The Walking Dead, you can tell that this was something the stung and really hurt Rick inside. He goes on to say that “the difference between men and women is a man would never say something so cruel.” This may or may not be true, but the fact that he made this comment shows that there is obvious resentment that he has for his wife, and shows that she may not trust him as the caregiver for their family. What is incredible about this situation is the fact that this all seemingly was able to go away after Rick fought through heartache, coma, and a lot of zombies to get back to his wife and son at a hideout in the outskirts of Atlanta. The initial thoughts and feelings that came up arose during a time where less trivial things were occurring around them, and their embrace and reconnection fueled them to “push” the feelings away due to their love for each other and Carl. The unfortunate side to love, however, is the fact that emotions can’t be masked and feelings can’t be instantly changed on a whim. Despite the couple overcoming adversity and trial to move past their petty issue, those petty issues are a sign of more concrete and underlying faults in their love. The effect of the Zombies leads to people coming together to work to concile their relationship, which then leads to fundamental changes taking place after the conciliation step, whether that be coming closer, moving even farther apart then before, or complicating the essence of the love itself.

For all intensive purposes, Shane believed Rick was dead. This ended up not being the case, but nevertheless, he did everything he could for Rick. He did decide to barricade his hospital room door with a bed to ensure the Zombies didn’t get to him in the event that he was still alive, but from his actions, he felt that was a very, very small chance. As Shane and Lori settle into the refugee camp, they then settle in with each other physically and emotionally. The show displays a relatively graphic sex scene between the two, with Lori showing obvious regret while committing the act (due to the look in her face as she took her wedding ring off), but goes through with it anyway. Shane cares and tends for Lori and Carl as they are his own, and Lori, nor Carl, seem too phased by the situation. However, the moment Rick reaches camp, ties seemingly sever between Lori and Shane. She gets it through to Shane that once Rick reached the camp, his services were no longer needed. Lori was in a tough spot, but with the world crumbing around her, she knew she had to seek out the provider for their family and the father of her son. As time goes on, either through love or natural instinct, Shane and Lori begin having awkward and tension-filled private conversations (that Rick is completely oblivious to), which leads to a scene in the final episode of the season where Shane makes a sexual advancement on Lori without her permission. She was submissive for a moment, but then became shell-shocked and didn’t want to make the same mistake again. She pushed him off and he preceded to leave the vicinity. Lori has clear feelings for Shane, but given the dynamics of the group and the status of her son, she isn’t sure how to handle the situation. The Zombies scare initiated a complete dismantling of their relationship, but given their feelings for each other, it was fate for them to talk and communicate with each other, even though it’s very awkward and Lori hates every second of it. Maybe in a non-Apocalyptic world, she’s able to leave Rick for Shane if she truly loves him more, but given the circumstances, it would be near impossible to make that happen.

When we are introduced to Andrea and Amy, they don’t seem to be very close, and there seemed to be some tensions that were...
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