the unexpected

Topics: Apostrophe, Mind Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: October 30, 2014
The Unexpected

Eighteen year old Hope was lying down on her bed depressed about the constant sad thoughts that swirled in her head. She tried very hard to get him out of her head but many thoughts came to her mind about Stephen, causing her to remember how she had lost him to cancer making her tear up and groan in pain. She remembered the day she had met him at the book store just a few blocks away from the small café in the corner. Her thoughts brought tears to her eyes. It had already been a month since Stephen’s funeral but Hope was not ready yet to move on with her life, all she wanted was to see him one last time but she knew it was impossible. The last few days Hope was depressed she didn't see the point in living any more when everything she had was gone, she was alone and afraid. She would often visit Stephen’s grave, she missed him so much all she wanted was to be with him again. She seriously considered killing herself but couldn't bring herself to do it; she couldn't leave her mum and dad. She hadn't seen Stephen’s parents after his death, so she decided to visit them after college; she felt that it was the right thing to do in order to show her support. As she approached his house it felt very unfamiliar to her knowing he won’t be there any more, the thought of him not being there almost triggered tears but she knew it wasn't the time to cry. She was greeted by Mrs Hastings at the door,

“Hope dear come in, how are you?” Her eyes were puffy from crying and her voice was shaky making it difficult to understand. “Hi, Mrs Hastings I'm good,” choked Hope.
Hope went straight to Stephen’s room. She walked in and stood in silence for a couple of minutes. The room was the same nothing had changed, but it still felt lonely without him there. She lay down on his bed but it didn't feel right, something seemed uncomfortable when she laid her head on the pillow. Hope lifted the pillow up and found Stephen’s journal the one...
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