The Ultimate Fighting Championship

Topics: Mixed martial arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Wrestling Pages: 4 (1556 words) Published: March 12, 2007
The Ultimate Fighting Championship
The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is recognized as one of the fastest rising sports in America today. In a matter of two short years, it has gone from an underground spectacle with evolving rules and standards to a recognized sport with a mass fan following comparable in number to "professional wrestling" in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The demand the sport has on a fighter's body and the endless time devoted to training that a fighter must endure have solidified the UFC's place as a serious contender for the newest, world recognized sport. The excitement and electricity felt by fans viewing the fight live and by those at home make the UFC, in my opinion, the best sport in the United States today. The UFC has been around since 1993 but was not a regulated combat sport until 2001 after an ownership trade leaving Zuffa Inc. in charge of the operations of the UFC. Two years ago the owner of Zuffa Inc. and the UFC, Dana White, reached a deal with Spike TV to air a reality show titled "The Ultimate Fighter." On this show, two already legendary fighters, Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, coached a group of 20 fighters, all with amateur or some professional experience, to the goal of being the "Ultimate Fighter." To achieve this they would fight their way into the finals and fight for a six figure contract with the UFC and other large priced gifts, all in front of a live, broadcasted event comparable to a pay-per-view boxing or wrestling match. The attention the show and event received pushed the UFC into the upper ranks of highly regarded sports. The show is still continuing today and is currently on its fourth installation. The show has gained a lot of attention because of the excitement of the fight that takes place at the end of each episode between two of the fighters. Even more accountable for the success is the entertainment of observing the dynamic personalities of fighters and how they live together, but also...
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