The Two Brothers Archetypes Research Paper

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“The Two Brothers” Archetypes
Archetypes are found in all tales books, or poems alike, they are a way to make the story more interesting, and the fairy tales written by the Grimm’s brothers implement many archetypes in their stories. An archetype is like an original example of something, like a movie script before it is edited (Bennett). In the tale of “The Two Brothers,” it is about two brothers that grew up with their adopted father who taught them to be huntsmen. The two brothers split paths after journeying out into the world looking for adventures and went about completing quests. The brothers cross paths once again after the brother who is the king was saved by the other brother from an evil witch in a forest, and they go on living the rest of their lives. “The Two Brothers,” written by Jacob and Wilhem Grimm, illustrates archetypes such as the explorer, the trickster, and the task.

The explorer is represented by the two brothers in the tale of “The Two Brothers” through their characteristcs they express throughout the story. The explorer is a character in the story that wanders aimlessly and tries new things through trying to climb the ladder of success to looking for spiritual guidance, which both brothers show in the tale (Nilsen & Nilsen). This archetypes, the explorer, has not just been used in Grimms’ Tales, but in other books and short stories from even other genres as well. A good example of an explorer would be Lancelot from First Knight, as he journeys throughout the lands not really knowing where he is going or what he is doing, completing various tasks and quests as he goes along. For instance, one of the brothers is telling the huntsman what they wish to do now that they have finished their training; “We have now finished learning, and we must prove ourselves in the world, so allow us to go away and travel.” This suggests that the brothers want to explore the world trying new and different things. This is important to the explorer...

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