The Thief Lord

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May 31, 2011

Title: The Thief Lord
Author: Cornelia Funke
Kind of Book: Historical fiction
Characters: Bo, Prosper, Scipio (Thief Lord), Victor Getz, Ida Spavento, Barbarossa, Conte, Morosina, Aunt Esther, Uncle Max, Hornet, Riccio, Mosca, Dottor Massimo, and other servants and animals.

Summary:The Thief Lord is about two orphaned boys named Prosper and Bo running away from Hamburg, Germany to Venice, Italy. The boys have run away from their aunt who only wants to keep Bo. When they came into Venice, Hornet, a girl of a couple children took them in to their hideout in the closed Stella movie theater. There, the Thief Lord or Scipio gave them warm clothes and food to eat. Prosper is a year younger than Scipio and Bo is five. At the movie theater, there also lived a black boy named Mosca, an eight year old named Riccio and hornet. They hid out there and slept in the cold movie theater with stolen heaters.

The Thief Lord word come once a week and bring them some loot that they would exchange for money at the shop of Barbarossa. They got four hundred thousand lire for selling him a pair of gold diamond encrusted sugar tongs. While they were leaving Barbarossa came out of his office and offered the Thief Lord a job for the Conte. They were supposed to meet in the confessionals of the church at three pm on Monday.

All this time a detective named Victor Getz had been looking for Prosper and Bon by the orders of their Aunt Esther and Uncle Max. Prosper and Riccio were walking home from the exchange when they ran into Victor. Prosper knew right away as soon as he gave him a strange look that he was going to follow him. They ran and jumped onto a ferry to cross the great canal and as they looked back they saw Victor on the shore.

When they got back they did not tell the others about Victor. As the story goes into Victor’s point of view he told the readers how stupid he had been not to grab them as he walked home grumbling....
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