The Technological Advancement and Social Impact of the Camera

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Theresa V. Walker
Jones International University
Assignment 8.2: Course Project: Position Portfolio: Developing Opinions on Scientific and Technological Developments

The Technological Advancement and Social Impact of the Camera Theresa V. Walker
Jones International University
Assignment 1.2: - Assessing the Impact of Science and Technology

The Technological Advancement and Social Impact of the Camera The first camera was invented and patented in 1840 by Alexander Wolcott ( Although the idea of picture making was created by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826 and in 1827, he actually produced a photographic image. This day and age, we have cameras that are right in our phones and we carry them everywhere. It is very convenient to be with a group of friends at a reunion and all can take out their phone and get a quick picture, even upload it to a social networking sight if they choose, go home and print out whatever size picture you choose, frame it and hang it on the wall instantly. Nevertheless, we need to take into consideration the downside to having this convenience. What is it that makes this possible for us to do these things? I for one am concerned about what impact these tiny cameras could have on mine and my children's health ( Benefits of Scientific and Technological Advancement

The obvious benefits of having a camera available at your disposal are many. To be able to take a picture whenever you want to is priceless really, if you ask me. When our children are small or there is a special occasion we are attending, those are great reasons to have a camera right at hand. Many times I remember my mother having to pay for a photographer for a special occasion. Another good reason for the advancement of the technology of the camera into the cell phone is cost efficiency and space. You have two much needed items (in today’s world) in one space that you can purchase for a minimal price compared to buying them separately. However, having this readily available may not be just what the doctor ordered. Risks of Scientific and Technological Advancement

The National Cancer Institute has done studies regarding the cell phones that our handy cameras are in. The information they have concluded is not all conclusive but it leaves me wondering just how safe is long-term use and exposure to these gadgets. Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy. It is the form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and I do not claim to know what that really is, but I do know that radiation is bad for humans. In addition, their research shows that the tissues closest to where the phone is held can absorb this radiation. Another study showed that just 50 minutes of use allowed glucose to metabolize faster on the side of the head that the antennae was on ( Now if these risks do not get you thinking, what about the risk of having someone take your picture without you knowing it (Campbell,2013)? Or the possibility of your teenager taking nude pictures of themselves and sending it to a boy/girlfriend? Then they break up and the one that has the said pictures starts sending them to all their friends, or worse, prints them out and posts them on the bathroom wall at school. These are all good reasons to think about those cameras we have with us and do not think twice about pulling out and snapping a picture of whatever our heart desires. Conclusion

Pictures are definitely something we need. They remind us where we came from, what our ancestors looked like, how much fun a special occasion was to us, and much more. I agree that we need advancements in Science and Technology as well, but there has to be a balance. When technology starts to harm our bodies and our social well-being, I think we should take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and not forget where we came from as well.

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