The Sui, the Song, and the Tang Dynasty

Topics: Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong of Tang, Wu Zetian Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: September 7, 2011
The Sui, the Song, and the Tang Dynasty

The period of the dynasty that unified China, the Sui Dynasty, began the year 580 C.E. and lasted until 618 C.E. I was founded by an officer of the Northern Zhou, Yang Chien (Emperor Wen Ti), and his son and successor, Emperor Yang Ti. As an emperor Wen Ti in his early actions restored the Buddhists rights, their clergy, and ended suppression of Daoism. Emperor Wen Ti achieved the unification of China during the Sui era; also, the central government was reformed, institutes the conscription of community servants from all ethnic and social classes; and established a uniform legal code that regulated land, taxes, rewards and reprimand, with the exception of the military all arms were ban. Northern and Southern China reunited, forced labor of men and women was used to build the Grand Canal, which "extended north from Hangzhou across the Yangzi to Yangzhou and then northwest to the region of Louyang". The Great Wall of China was fortified by the northern borders two capitals were restructuring, and another capital was built-in Yangchow. Confucianism began to reclaim recognition; and the noble classes increase their participation in society. After Wen Ti collapse, his son and successor, Emperor Yang Ti assumes the throne, with the support of his mother, the gentry and the military. Yang Ti was the opposite of his father, and was considering like taking over the imperial supremacy, and his reign was of extravagant spending, threatening and forcing his subdits to ruthless labor. Aside all the treasury money he spent and the unkindness to govern his people, most of his policies were a continuation of his father's. Yang Ti had ostentatious ambitions to expand China, and wanted to take over Koguyro (today North Korea). Several failure military clashes to conquer Koguyro, and much restlessness on the Emperor servants marked the beginning of the collapse of the Sui Dynasty; China was under a hectic period in which there...

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