The Star-spangled Banner and Patriotism

Topics: World War II, Yukio Mishima, The Star-Spangled Banner Pages: 5 (1708 words) Published: December 21, 2013
The recent terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have caused confusion on the topic of patriotism. The best way to start understanding patriotism is to simply define it. Patriotism is a person’s level of loyalty toward their country. Displays of true patriotism are prominent in times of despair, such as wars and terrorist attacks. However, many people have discrepancies on what displays of patriotism really are. Some people believe that showing patriotism can be accomplished by waving the flag and singing the national anthem.... [tags: essays research papers] 571 words (1.6 pages) $9.95 [preview]

Patriotism - Patriotism When confronted with the question, "How can I help preserve patriotism?", I honestly draw a blank. It is not because I can't help preserve patriotism, it's just something that should come naturally. Patriotism is defined as a devotion to one's country. I was fortunate enough to be brought up with the knowledge that it is good to have your own opinion, but that resulted in a direct love for the country for me. Some people, however, have not been as lucky. The roots of the problem reach back to the time in American history when the emancipation of women and urban mobility caused the home to give up much of it's control over the morals and ideals of the children.... [tags: Papers] 401 words (1.1 pages) $9.95 [preview]

Patriotism - Patriotism An egotist, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, is one devoted to his or her own interests and advancement. Everyone is an egotist in one way or another. Even when a person commits the most selfless acts of altruism, the act usually benefits the person in one way or another. Humanity is not, by nature, altruistic; humanity is, by nature, egocentric. This is evident in Yukio Mishima's "Patriotism" with the main characters, Reiko and Shinji. People are egotistical in the choices they often make: choosing friendship over patriotism, choosing to trust a spouse, and choosing one's personal freedom.... [tags: Essays Papers] 418 words (1.2 pages) $9.95 [preview]

Patriotism by Yukio Mishima - "Patriotism" by Yukio Mishima Death, in many places death is feared, taking one's own life is looked upon as cowardly and weak. This story sheds a different light on death; it shows the honor and respectful way of bowing out. To see the honor in death, one must understand the culture and the time period. The story 'Patriotism' written by Yukio Mishima shows a couple?s courage, love and faith as well as the man?s commitment to his country. As the story goes, Shinji is a member of the Imperil forces.... [tags: Yukio Mishima Patriotism Death] 552 words (1.6 pages) $19.95 [preview]

How Do You Define Patriotism? - Patriotism Patriotism is defined as a love for or a devotion to one’s country. With the events that happened in America on September 11th, patriotism has been in everyone’s mind and heart. Young men and women have been enlisting in the armed forces to support America. Americans are flying flags on their cars and homes to show their patriotism. Millions of Americans are donating money and blood in support of the victims of the attacks. I would define patriotism as a loyalty and commitment to America and the people in our country.... [tags: Definition of patriotism] 650 words (1.9 pages) $19.95 [preview]

American Culture and Patriotism after World War Two - ... Art became visible to greater sections of the population and to lower classes. Because of its positioning, images were seen in conjunction with advertising and printed on clothing and accessories, instead of hidden away in galleries. The post World War Two was also the age of youth as over seventy millions children from the post war baby boom became teenagers and young adults. These teenagers swayed the fashion, the fads and the politics of the decade. They no longer was content to be imaged of the generation ahead of them, young people wanted change.......

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Patriotism as Bad Faith - Patriotism as Bad Faith Simon Keller argues in his essay "Patriotism as Bad Faith" that patriotism is not a virtue but it is actually a vice. Keller begins by splitting the views on this philosophical debate into three different representations. The first being the "communitarian patriot", where patriotism is not only a valued virtue to someone 's self but that it is actually an essential virtue. The second representation is a radical contradiction of the first, known as the "hard universalist.... [tags: Philosophy] 343 words
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