The Skit

Topics: 2006 singles, Toxic, Damnation Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Scene 1: Mostafa & Joy
Boyfriend & girlfriend:

J: I love you
M: yeah me too
J: I want to spend the rest of my life with you
M: K, sure, why not
J: Why don’t you ever show your feelings?
M: I do, I do……… your hair is nice btw
J: see! You keep changing the subject.
M: Why are you being so overdramatic?
J: overdramatic? Me?!! How dare you?
M: yes, you’re overreacting as usual; 2 minutes ago there was no problem J: no the problem has always been there; I guess I was just too scared to admit it M: well that problem of yours is really getting on my nerves! J: that problem of mine?! This is our problem!

Scene 2: Youssef & Salma

S: Today at work was like “hi”, so I was like “hi”, he was like “you look pretty” I was like “back off man I’m happily married” Y: Yeah sounds interesting…
S: Hello? Are you even listening to me?
Y: Yeah, yeah something about a man who raped you or something… wohooo high score S: Don’t make me turn off that TV
Y: turn it off and we’re over serious stare damn I lost!
S: ugh you never listen! It’s like I’m talking to a wall Y: Wall yeah, yeah
S: OMG, you’re making me miss my favorite Turkish series
S: gasp, slap, dramatic exits

Scene 3: Malak & Farida:

M: Hey Farida, did you see my new dress?
F: which one?
M: that black one
F: no I haven’t seen it, why?
M: because I saw you wearing it in a picture and I told you not to take my stuff! F: no that’s not even yours; I borrowed it from a friend
M: oh yeah?! Which friend?!
F: you don’t know her
M: I know all your friends!
F: I’m not doing this anymore!
M: Whatever, just don’t take my stuff again or you will be sorry

Scene 4: Hussein & Mohamed:

H: what’s the answer for number 4?
M: shhhh
H: Did you hear me you idiot?!
M: Shut up I am trying to concentrate
H: You better tell me the answer or else…
M: Or else what you son of a
H: what were you just about to say
M: You heard me
H: stand uo for...
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