The siren call of bingo hall analysis

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The Siren Call of the Bingo Hall Analysis

MLA Works Cited Entry
Wick, Audrey A. "The Siren Call of the Bingo Hall." n.d. 2010.

Audrey A. Wick’s article “The Siren Call of the Bingo Hall” is a personal narrative about author’s experience with her father and brother in a bingo hall without having any idea about bingo. She compares bingo as an expensive habit because she had seen fewer people in other events like wedding receptions, and country fairs. In the beginning they felt not welcome and overwhelmed but when they saw a man across the row was playing 21 cards at a time then they gain some confidence thinking if he could manage those then they certainly could manage their trifling three.

The main idea of Wick’s article is that Bingo is a very addictive game especially popular with elderly American people. By explaining the detailed experience in the Bingo hall she gives us the idea of how to play bingo and also how much interesting bingo could be, In fact people in the bingo hall are so much focused on the game that they do not even have time to go to the bathroom. Since everyone came to play bingo by hoping to win, some people did not seem happy when a new comer won the big prize, the blackout.

Even though the essay is personal experience, Wick clearly explains that in the beginning you might think differently but once you understand the game then you will be so addictive that in the hope of winning you will forget how much you are spending in every game.

Three Things I learned:
1.People play bingo with eager to win not only cash prize but also societal bragging rights until the next event. 2.Bingo is an expensive habit since money is involved to play. 3.People get addicted once they understand the game.

Five Vocabulary Words and Definitions:
1.Meticulously – to arrange something carefully
2.Invade – Cover or Occupy other’s space or area
3.Enthusiasts – Player, follower
4.Plotting – Secretly making plan
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