The Singing School

Topics: Literature, Infant, The White Goddess Pages: 1 (416 words) Published: October 8, 2013
1. According to Frye, these stories stop being ways to explain the world and become part of literature as soon as they cease to be beliefs, or even sooner. Frye states that they are all products of an impulse to identify human and natural worlds and they are really metaphors, part of the language of poetry. 2. Every form of literature has a pedigree and derives its form from itself means that literature comes from past experience and inspires another. For example, myths come together to form a mythology which shows that myths inspire other myths. Similarly in modern literature, one novel inspires another. Another example would be that modern writers usually incorporate their past experiences into literature because no new ideas are ever brought up in literature. Literature follows a convention because our imagination can only operate in terms of the world we already know. 3. A convention is a certain typical and socially accepted way of writing. 4. Frye uses the ideas of a newborn baby as a metaphor because he compares a baby being born with news works of literature being produced. Babies are genuinely new individuals and it is also an example of something very common, which are human beings. New works of literature may seem to be recent but the concepts have been inspired by previous works of literature in the past. Literature is impossible to be original because it is recognizably the same as previous works of literature. 5. The four types of stories are: tragedy, comedy, satire, and romance. These stories relate to each other because they play a vital role to express the themes in literary work. 6. The principle is to relate the human and natural world together, identify similarities and differences and to balance them out. 7. Frye states that the serious mediocre writer convention makes him sound like a lot of other people; for the popular writer it gives him a formula he can exploit; and for the serious good writer it releases his experiences or emotions...
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