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The Seafarer and the Wanderer

By mirandahelme Oct 21, 2014 552 Words

The Seafarer & the Wanderer Short AnswerThe poem we know as "The Seafarer" doesn't actually have a title in its manuscript. Its title was given to it by later editors of the poem. What do you think of this title? What would you name this poem if you were the editor in charge? I think its okay, but a little misleading because it’s more about a longing for home than life at sea. I would probably name it The Longing, because of the narrator’s constant longing for his home. Why is the speaker in "The Seafarer" so restless and unhappy? Why is he forced to travel "the paths of exile"? Because he was forced from his home and probably his family too. It is not mentioned why he has to travel in exile. A lot of people think "The Seafarer" is an extended metaphor about the spiritual journey of the Christian soul. Do you agree with this interpretation?  Why or why not? Not really, because I think it’s more about a person who was actually forced from home. The only mention of religion is when he talks about having God with him to help him out. Who are the "kings and Caesars" the speaker mentions in lines 81-85, and why is he so in awe of them? They are probably the ones who banished him, and he’s in awe because of the power they held in order to banish them. What kind of life do you think this speaker wants a person to live? What, exactly, is he telling us to do?Most likely a life where he’s at home with his friends and family, living a normal and prosperous life. He seems to be telling us to not make the same mistakes he did, and to live the life he doesn’t have. Which modern genre of music would make a good soundtrack for "The Seafarer"? Most likely a band called Wovenwar. They only have one album, so their album would do it. The poem we know as "The Wanderer" doesn't actually have a title in the manuscript in which it appears. What would you call the poem if you were the editor who had to give it a name?I would call it the same thing most likely, because it’s a metaphorical name for someone who is wandering aimlessly through their thoughts. The Wanderer" is voiced by three different speakers, each one introducing the next. Why write the poem in this way, rather than just making it the words of one speaker? How does this narrative strategy change our understanding of the poem?Because it shows the different points of view different people could have on a certain subject. It changes it because it makes us sit and look at others views, and makes us wonder if their right and possibly make us take their view. The second speaker in "The Wanderer" says that it's wisest for a person to keep sad thoughts to himself. If that's the case, then what's the point of writing this poem at all? Not really any point, because clearly he needed to get his thoughts and feelings out and did it by writing the poem. Nobody can keep sad things to themselves forever, and those who do usually end up killing themselves. Short Answer:

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