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Beginning with brightest day, the Young Man is performing calisthenics (which he continues to do until the very end of the play) near a sandbox or at the beach. Mommy and Daddy have brought Grandma all the way out from the city and place her in the sandbox. As Mommy and Daddy wait nearby in some chairs, the Musician plays off and on, according to what the other characters instruct him to do. Throughout the play, the Young Man is very pleasant, greeting the other characters with a smile as he says, "Hi!”. As Mommy and Daddy cease to acknowledge Grandma while they wait, Grandma reverts from her childish behavior and begins to speak coherently to the audience. Grandma and the Young Man begin to converse with each other. Grandma feels comfortable talking with the Young Man as he treats her like a human being (whereas Mommy and Daddy imply through their actions and dialogue that she is more of a chore that they must take care of). While still talking with the Young Man, she reminds someone off-stage that it should be nighttime by now. Once brightest day has become deepest night, Mommy and Daddy hear on-stage rumbling. Acknowledging that the sounds are literally coming from off-stage and not from thunder or breaking waves, Mommy knows that Grandma's death is here. As daylight resumes, Mommy briefly weeps by the sandbox before quickly exiting with Daddy. Although Grandma, who is lying down half buried in sand, has continued to mock the mourning of Mommy and Daddy, she soon realizes that she can no longer move. It is at this moment that the Young Man finally stops performing his calisthenics and approaches Grandma and the sandbox. As he directs her to be still, he reveals that he is the angel of death and says, "...I am come for you." Even though he says his line like a real amateur, Grandma compliments him and closes her eyes with a smile.

The story starts with Mommy and Daddy enters the stage. The setting is the beach. Mommy asks the Musician to come along with them. Then they bring in Grandma. Grandma acts like a child. There was a Young Man doing callisthenic while smiling and waving at them.

Mommy and Daddy was ignoring Grandma. So Grandma threw sand to Mommy. Grandma told her story about her past and hardship we taking care of her daughter, Mommy.

Thunder was heard by Mommy and Daddy. It was a sign of death to take Grandma away. Mommy fakes her sadness and mourning. Grandma mocked Mommy by playing dead.

Mommy wipe away her tears and left Grandma in the sandbox. Mommy assume that she has taken good care of Grandma but Grandma thought otherwise.

Young Man came nearer to Grandma and revealed himself as Angel of Death. Grandma accepts the fact the she has to go and allow him to take her away. Society starts losing its values.

Society starts losing its value.
1. It is stated that granny who was born in the farm brought to the city by her daughter. 2. The killing of granny by the Angel of Death shows how the value that was once owned by granny has started disappearing. The inability to communicate with people.

1. This can be seen by the way Granny tried to communicate with both Mommy and Daddy but Mommy and Daddy failed to understand her. The emptiness of contemporary family.
1. This can be seen through the interaction between Mommy, Daddy, and Granny. There was no feeling of love shown by the way they converse with one and another.

Mommy: (59, a well-dressed, imposing woman) 
Shows no respect towards anyone, including her mother and husband. Reveals no emotional attachment to her own mother.
When Daddy asked about Grandma’s condition. Mommy shuts him up. After marrying Daddy, she brings her mother from the farm and into their big town house in the city. She gives her mom an army blanket, her own dish, and a nice place under the stove.

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