The Salton Sea

Topics: Colorado River, Salton Sea, Imperial County, California Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: May 18, 2012
Video Assignment #1: “The Salton Sea”
In 1905 heavy rain falls and snowmelt overfilled the Colorado River. In result the water poured over the headgates in to Alamo Canal. The flood soon reached an Imperial Valley dike and in a period of two years the entire process of the Colorado River flood would soon create the Salton Sea. The Salton Sea is located at the Colorado Desert in Southern California laying below sea level and said to be the largest lake in California. The creation of the sea made Salton City quite a popular resort area with clean beaches and some of the best fishing in the country. When the Sea was healthy it drew recreationists from all around and It became the ultimate tourist attraction. Salton City was a perfect place for people to come and get away from big crowds and It used to be the top destination for the rich and famous but due to the uncontrollable acts of nature the city started to face serious problems. Salton Sea is beautiful but it faces environmental issues due to pollution which really impacts the Sea itself. A lot of garbage coming from Mexico impacts the sea more from pollution. Hundreds of thousands of birds and fish have been constantly dying for the last few years. It's surface elevation, salinity and organic content is too high and the sea has become in danger to the wildlife. The pollution of the water is really hurting the ecosystem. It has become unsafe to eat fish from this toxic water and anyone who eats fish from the sea can get food poisoning. All these problems have really left Salton City to be a deserted place and almost half abandoned. The people living in Salton City really enjoy the life and can’t really complain and it’s sad to see what the environment has turned out to be today. Parents of young children would recommend raising their children in Salton City. African American parents often worry about raising their children in other areas in the fear of their kids joining gangs or being involved...
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