The Role of Parents in Bringing Up Children

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The role of parents in bringing children up
In the grooming of a child, parents play a very vital role. But anomalies arise, when the role of the parents are not set out right. Parents influence the lives of their children in every aspect and leave an impression which remains throughout their lives. For one very common instance, it is but natural that a boy aspires to imitate his father in driving or a daughter desires to acquire the culinary expertise from her mother. The seeds of thought which parents sow in the minds of their wards will go a long way in defining their of lives. The ill-effects of sheer negligence on the part of the parents in taking care of the children will be appalling. It is no exaggeration to point out that many children end up being juvenile derelicts, thanks to the insouciance of their parents in setting up moral standards for them. Hence, it is high time parents realized the significance of their roles in bringing up their children and the price which they have to pay for their inaction. Parents are the first and the best teachers for any child. The teacher may praise or punish, behave unruly or orderly, but ultimately the test is set for the children. Thus, parents deserve kudos for shaping up a responsible individual and they have to warrant for any unacceptable behavior of their children as well.
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