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The Rise of Adolf Hitler: the Nazi Dictator

By RosyCheeks48 Mar 03, 2012 871 Words
Running head: The Rise of Adolf Hitler: The Nazi Dictator

Name: Leticia Nunez

Course: COM208 – Public Speaking

Instructor: Joseph Cejka

February 22, 2012

The Rise of Adolf Hitler: The Nazi Dictator

Birth and early life
Hitler and the Nazi party
Hitler tried for treason
Hitler runs for president
Hitler as German Chancellor

Adolf Hitler is among the world’s most known leaders. His actions though not popular with many people helped the political climate of not just Europe but indeed the whole world. Despite being a dear of the Nazis during his time, Hitler is loathed by the rest of the world mainly due to the mass persecution of the Jews. People who love Hitler have called him a brave and politically brilliant leader. The most surprising thing is the fact that Hitler rose to power through legitimate means despite having a humble background.

Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 to Alois and Klara Hitler. When he was young, his father died. Hitler dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen and soon after moved to Vienna. Here he unsuccessfully tried to gain entry into the Vienna Academy of Arts. After being unsuccessful on his admission Hitler spent a few years in the city doing nothing only to later flee to Munich to avoid Mandatory military service of the Habsburg Empire which he greatly hated. Once in Vienna, Hitler reverted to his old carefree life with little responsibility (Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, 1940).

However, soon after arriving in Munich there was an outbreak of war in 1914. Hitler volunteered to serve in the Bavarian regiment. However, this war would lead to defeat with the Socialist, who he greatly hated, emerging the ultimate victors in 1918 (Noakes, 2011). Hitler’s German Workers’ Party and his oratory abilities helped spread its propaganda. Defeat in the war had resulted in a signing of the treaty of Versailles, which was greatly hated by the Germans. This treaty increased the Germans anti-Semitic views which Hitler toyed on to gain the admiration of the German middle class who were oppressed by terms of the treaty. The popularity of Hitler made him to be nominated as the leader of the Nazi party (Noakes, 2011).

Hitler was later charged together with a few members of the Nazi party with treason after organizing a failed coup. The failure of the coup also resulted in the disintegration of the Nazi party. Hitler used the court hearing to further spreading his propaganda in a case which was highly publicized. So moving were his ideas that during the case the courtroom was filled with spectators with some even cheering. The hearing provided national audience of Hitler’s ideas as it was covered by national newspapers. Hitler was found guilty of treason but sentenced to only five years in prison but was paroled after nine months due the influence which he had on the people and the judges who were sympathetic towards him (Hitler on trial for treason, 1996). It was during his time in prison that Hitler wrote the Mein Kamph, a book that glorifies the Aryans as the true human race and rebukes Jews as the detest full race which should be eliminated. The ideals of this book would later form the basis for the widescale persecution of the Jews.

Hitler got out of jail and helped in organizing the Nazi party in the forthcoming elections. Using Hitler’s oratory skills the party came in second with 18 percent of the votes with 107 seats in parliament. Soon after Hitler ran for president against Paul von Hindenburg and managed to get 36 percent of the votes with the president garnering 53 percent of the votes

A series of event led to the collapse of the government and Hitler was appointed as the Chancellor of the republic by President Paul von Hindenburg. Soon after his appointment he convinced the president to let elections be held; something that would enable the Nazis have a majority in parliament. However, after elections were held, the Nazi party got 44 percent of the vote. To avoid a runoff Hitler cheated the president and established himself as a dictator. In addition to bring an end to democracy in the country, he schemed out constitutional changes which gave him dictatorial powers (Davidson, 1997). Hitler would set out a chain of events that would lead to the 2nd World War and the persecution of millions of Jews.

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