The Revised Trevino & Nelson 8-Step Model

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Virtue ethics Pages: 4 (1003 words) Published: June 16, 2013
The Revised Trevino & Nelson 8-step model


1. Get the Facts.
Watch your ladder of inference: a) something happens; b) we observe and then pick & choose among these events of what to evaluate or draw a conclusion about, or make a judgment, or tell a story about; c) the story we tell ourselves drives an emotion; which in turn leads us to d) choose an action to take. Can you separate fact from story? Emotions? Facts are observables that can be corroborated by multiple observers. Stories are conclusions, judgments or an evaluation of facts. Emotions are the products of the stories we tell. When you gather facts, focus on the facts not the conclusions, opinions or stories, please. Remember, even if people agree on the facts, an infinite number of stories can be told from the same facts. But, first, be sure everyone has access to the same facts!

2. Define the Ethical Issues.

What is in conflict for you? Is right & wrong in play? What is your gut telling you about this situation? Does something not feel right? Listen to your intuition and feelings; this is data. Answer this question: Why I am I so conflicted in this situation?

3. Identify the Stakeholders.

Who are they and what is their interest, as well as their position? That is, what do they want (position) and why do they want it (interest)? Actions contemplated to resolve your dilemma must address or partially address the interests of those affected by or who can affect your actions. Identify the interests of the stakeholders and you can then anticipate how others might respond to any action you are contemplating taking to resolve your dilemma.

THE FIX (This is what is missing from the 8-step model).

Think back to step 2. What actions are you contemplating to resolve your dilemma? List them here. Action 1: Action 2: and so forth. These actions can now be put to the test of each of the three following prescriptive reasoning tools. Each tool, when applied as intended,...
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