The Remake Trend

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The remake trend in Bollywood

Name: Palak Agarwal
Class: SYBBA-C Roll No: 150


So many people to thank…
* First of all I would like to thank my parents for providing me the quiet place to type down my speech. * In addition, a sincere thank you to my brother, a movie buff, who suggested me the topic. * I would also like to extend a sincere thank you to my computer engineer who came rushing in at 7 in the morning to repair my laptop. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to complete my speech. * Last but not the least; I would like to express a special thanks to Ms. Christine, for giving us the opportunity to write a speech on the topic of our choice.


Recently I was having a conversation with a friend about upcoming movies. We drifted to the topic old movies being remade. It was around the time when we were allotted this assignment. I picked this topic because it stayed with me and I found it very interesting. I felt that it was a topic everyone would connect to since us all watch movies. This topic is mainly about how the sudden trend of remakes has invaded Indian cinema. The rate at which remakes are being made would make one feel that Bollywood has lost its originality. However, that is not the case. Considering the increase of remakes, I want to throw some light on this topic.


1) Introduction to the remake trend

2) Southern remakes in Bollywood

3) Hollywood remakes in Bollywood

4) Bollywood classics remake

5) My take on remakes

Remakes of old films seem to be the fad in Bollywood these days. A series of remakes of Hindi classics is under way. Filmmakers are capitalizing on the emotional appeal of the old plots while trying to serve up old wine in new and fancy bottles The remake rage, it seems, is not propelled by commercial considerations alone. Filmmakers urge that old stories need to be retold. Remaking classics is like reincarnating them. The very fact that these movies were big hits of their time brings with it an assurance that the subject of the movie has the approval of the audience. So, while this gives the movie the initial publicity and audience, the rest entirely depends on how the new directors mould the subject according to the present requirements. The other challenge while attempting a remake of a classic is to be able to mould the subject according to the tastes and sensibilities of the new generation. The success of a remake depends on the sensibility of the director to make a movie which appeals to the new generation and at the same time keeps the spirit of the classic alive. Given the many disadvantages, it is no surprising that the trend of remakes comes in fits and starts. The trend of remaking is extremely popular these days but it doesn’t enjoy support from all sections of people. There are some who feel that classic works of cinema are like gems that should be preserved and the sanctity of which should not be desecrated by the materialistic visions of the present century directors. Says Dev Anand 'The way I see it, a classic is something that has been honoured and appreciated. Why should anyone touch it? The directors, however, regard it as their way of paying tribute to the legends. Remaking is also considered as a means of bringing classic works to the notice of the younger generation and making it popular among them. Priyanka Chopra who was slated to play the leading role in the remake of Saheb, Biwi Aur Ghulam had remarked in an interview, “My generation may not watch old classics and miss out on them completely, what is the harm in retelling classics in a contemporary format? That way they would learn about our rich cinematic heritage.” So what exactly, sparks off a remake? Is it...

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