The Relevance of the Atmospheric Disturbance in the Storm

Topics: Storm, Winter storm, Ice storm Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: March 2, 2007
The Relevance of the Atmospheric Disturbance in The Storm

The Storm, by Kate Chapin, is a short story about two people that participate in an affair during a storm. It's set in a small town in the late 1800s. The story involves two families, one consisting of Bobinot, Calixta, and Bibi, the other consisting of Alcee, Clarisse, and their babies. Calixta is at her house separated from her family due to the storm. (35) Alcee is separated from his family because they are visiting another town. The storm brings Calixta and Alcee together resulting in a torrid affair. A storm can symbolize many things both good and bad. The storm is essential to the story both symbolically and directly. The storm acts as a catalyst in the story as it causes the events to unfold as they do. The initial unambiguous effect the storm has in the story is it causes Bobinot and Bibi to stay at the local store to take refuge. This leaves Calixta home alone. Alcee, we are lead to believe, was out riding his horse somewhere near Calixta s house when the storm started. This causes him to take shelter there. Before Calixta got married five years earlier, the two had romantic feelings toward each other. They rarely saw each other after that and this was the first time that they had been alone together in many years. Because of the awkward feelings he had, Alcee expressed an intention to remain outside (35). This is where the storm forces him to go inside. Once inside it seems harmless conversation would be all that took place. But alas, the storm once again comes into play. While Calixta, worried about her family, was looking out the window the storm sends down a huge lightning bolt into a tree nearby. This causes her to jump and for Alcee to instinctively wrap her in his arms. (35) The storm now comes into play one last time. As Calixta is nervously pacing around the house (because of the storm), Alcee grabs her shoulders in an attempt to calm her down. At this point their...
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