The Relationship Between Music And Memory

Topics: Music, Emotion, Psychology, Brain, Jazz, Feeling / Pages: 4 (832 words) / Published: Apr 24th, 2017
There is no denying that it is human who gives the soul to music so that music can have thousands of types since people are distinct from each other. Because of the relationship between human and music, music also has a huge effect on human and connects strongly with emotion (Madison 2011). By the influence of the environment, people’s emotional personalities and the taste of music are diverse. So music has many different types, which means that each type will have unique emotional effect for people. In this essay, I will discuss the benefits that music has brought us. Namely, I will show the benefits from three parts that the short term effect of relationship between music and memory, the long term effect therapeutic benefits and how music …show more content…
Music can be both helpful in keeping you to memorize some of the significant events in your life and also help you memorize the specific knowledge or experience better (Snyder 2000). When listening to the music, the images in your mind and the feeling you get are all created and constructed by the memory which you have experienced or seen before. For instance, when you listen to Jazz you may feel comfortable and even swing your body with the rhythm of the music. Perhaps you may also recall the memory when you were sitting at a coffee bar in a sunny afternoon. Besides, when you hear the song which is full of sorrow, I believe that your sad memory and experience will fully fill your mind. On the other side, music and rhythm can sometimes help person remember something (Kwan 2006). Based on many scientific results it is clear that music directly impacts the performance of students like increasing the memory and making score higher in subject content areas. As for me, I totally insist the opinion that memory is the source of our feeling and emotion. With music’s stimulation, we could learn more abilities to control our …show more content…
As we all know, music accompanied with us everyday in our lives. It’s necessary for us that not only just listening to music for fun, but also learn more about music and use the benefits of music as well. Nowadays there are still many scientists studying and doing researches on music. I believe that it will cost less than 10 years, the music therapy will be improved greatly. With music’s benefits can we have a better life in the

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