The Reason Why People Commit Crimes

Topics: Crime, Poverty, Wealth Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: December 23, 2013
People commit crime because of selfish reason. Do you agree?

"Help! Help! Someone help me!". You must ever run into this situation before or you might watch this situation right in front of you. Someone commit a crime and the victim asked for help. Crime is an act harmful not only to some individual but also to the community or the state. The acts like murder, rape and theft are illegal acts for which someone can be punished by the government. All of all, I totally disagree that people commit crime because of selfish reason because there are another strong factor.

First, the life circumstances force people to commit crime. In this country, not all people born in a wealthy family. There are people who are poor and the statistic of poor people is not low. That’s mean; there are a lot of poor people outside there. Parents might be able to accept the fact that they live in poor condition but the children sometimes cannot accept all this. They might get jealous with their friends that have a better house, nice car or more pocket money compared to them. This will be a factor that trigger them to steal others property. So, it is clear that people commit crime because of the life circumstances.

Second, no man is an island is that man is a social being that cannot exist without his fellows. So, surrounding people also can trigger someone to commit crimes. During adolescence, people will associate themselves with various types of people and they will be lucky if the people are good hearted but, if not? The bad attitudes that shown by surrounding people will also influence them. There are also people who commit crime comes from criminal family. From they are small, they teach by their parents to commit crime whether fortunately or not. They being exposed to crime and at one point they will not scared of the law. I want to highlight again that people commit crime because surrounding people triggered them.

Lastly, people commit crime because it is their...
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