The Raven

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“When We Stand Together”
Some of the most powerful and meaningful messages are found in music. It doesn’t matter if it’s acapella, an orchestra, or a four man band where everyone sings and plays an instrument; each of these styles send out a message. It may lie strictly in the lyrics. If not in within the words, the meaning could be behind or found inside the actual notes and rhythm of the song. Throughout time artists have reflected their own views, experiences, lifestyles, and emotions through song. Many artists have dug even deeper and wrote about how society acts as a whole and what is happening throughout the world. Sadly, many people do not pay attention to the lyrics and feel the emotion behind the artist’s strong words. The music is only heard but not “seen with both eyes.” Very few stop and ask, “What is this person (or group) trying to say?” Particularly, the group Nickelback does a great job of analyzing society’s atmosphere and writing about what is happening. A popular song by Nickelback, “When We Stand Together,” discusses what citizens are missing, how to potentially fix the issues and addresses why the issues are important. The first verse of the song “When We Stand Together” begins, “One more depending on a prayer and we all look away, people everywhere pretending it’s just another day.” Referring to “one more” from the start could potentially be anyone. It could be a man in the Tennessee who lost his home to a flood. It could be a child rape victim who lives in an orphanage because his or her parents sold him or her for drugs on the street. This happens often and even in the United States; there was recently a large case in Indianapolis. It could mean a group or tribe of people in Africa who live in small hut like structures without food and running water. All three of these people or peoples are depending on a prayer for survival and need a helping hand. So many others, who have the potential to help, turn their backs and ignore the underlying issues of our world today like these few examples. If a problem is not affecting an individual, then a majority of the time that person just goes on living every day and pretends that no other problems are occurring in the world. “There's bullets flying through the air and they still carry on, we watch it happen over there and then just turn it off.” What is happening in places all over the world and how can one analyze this second verse of the song with “both eyes?” Recently Congress in the U.S. passed stronger authority to the C.I.A. and the military to use unmanned drones in attack against primarily terrorists. The drones are used on people whose identities are unknown and attack in specific regions. When the idea of the drone became a bigger follow through in 2008, the U.S. began using them in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia. The government claims that they were targeting only militants but have mainly resulted in the deaths of citizens. According to James Fetzer, a guest on PRESS TV, there was 140 recorded innocent civilian deaths in Yemen alone. This is a small example of how things shown on television that aren’t given much attention. It isn’t worth the lives of those 140 people to shoot in unknowledgeable area and doesn’t at all seem justifiable. The media may not give the full message or the honest and complete truth, but U.S. citizens receive enough information from video clips on the news and internet sources to realize something isn’t quite right. That is the statement Nickelback is trying to make known by the verse which leads to the first section of the second verse, “they tell us everything is alright and we just go along, how can we fall asleep at night when something’s clearly wrong?” Are so many caught up inside their own lives that the life of no one else really matters? Is it so difficult to look passed the entertainment of music, and especially this song, to “see” what is really being said? There are...

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