The Quran

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Make an original title that reflects your thesis statement.

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Avoid using Wikipedia in your parenthetical citations. Use title (if no author is given) and date in your parenthetical citations.

Follow sources with more commentary and interpretation in your own words.

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The Qur’an
Make an original title that reflects your thesis statement.

The Qur'an is recognized as the last literal words of GOD given to his people by Muhammad the last prophet, or messenger of GOD (Quran recitations and translation online, 2006-2009). The Quran is without a beginning, middle, or ending, and consists of 114 chapters of varying lengths called “Sura”. Each ‘Sura’ is titled dependant on the message being portrayed (Hooker, 1996). It also reveals the following “five pillars of Islam” (Five Pillars of Islam, 2009) or standards that define Muslim religious belief and practice. These pillars are the foundation of Muslim religion. Good introduction and thesis statement.

“Shahada” means the acceptance of no other GOD but ALLAH and that Mohammad is the prophet of Allah (Five Pillars of Islam, 2009). This same theme is reinereated thoroughout the Quran is is the single most important basis of Muslim religion. Develop paragraph further.

“Salat” is the requirement to pray daily starting at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and night facing toward the Mecca. (source?) This time is seen as a personal conversation...

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